«Interest on Deposits» promotion rules

1. General provisions
1.1. The promotion shall run from 00:00 GMT on 28/10/2019 (Promotion start date) until 23:59 GMT on 01/04/2020 (Promotion end date). This period shall be hereinafter referred to as the "validity period of the Promotion".
1.2. The Promotion Organiser is the company Stormgain Limited, having its registered office at the following address: Suite 15, 1st floor Oliaji Trade Centre, Fracis Rachel Street, P.O.Box 1004, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles.
1.3. The full terms and conditions (rules) of the Promotion can be found on the website of the Promotion Organiser at the following address: www.stormgain.com (hereinafter "the Company's website").

2. Eligibility conditions for participation in the Promotion
2.1. The nature of the Promotion requires participants to have an active account with Stormgain.
2.2. All Stormgain clients who meet the following requirements shall be eligible to participate in the Promotion:
2.2.1. The clients have registered and deposited funds equivalent to USD 100 (in one or multiple payments) into their accounts prior to the expiry of the validity period of the Promotion.
2.2.2. The Clients have filled out the Registration form on the Promotion page

3. Terms and conditions of the Promotion
3.1. Interest shall accrue on the balance of participants' Stormgain accounts at 21:00 GMT starting on 28/10/2019 and running until 23:59 GMT on 01/04/2020, providing the amount of such balance exceeds the equivalent of USD 100.
3.2. The amount of interest paid shall be 10% annualised. Any interest accrued on clients' Stormgain accounts shall be paid within 30 days counting from the moment said interest began to accrue.
3.3. Calculation of the interest shall take place daily on the basis of the account balance as at 21:00 GMT. The amount of interest payable shall be calculated using the equity method at the moment of calculation, i.e. the total remaining balance of all accounts, plus paper profit, less paper losses and any end-of-day bonus funds.
3.4. The amount of interest due shall then be transferred in USDT to the client's USDT Stormgain account. All interest accrued by the client shall be paid in a lump sum 30 days following the date on which interest began accruing. The funds shall be credited to the client's account on the next Monday after the date on which interest ceases to accrue.
3.5. Interest shall not be paid on any amounts above USD 50,000 (fifty thousand). Where the balance of a Stormgain client's account exceeds USD 50,000 (fifty thousand), interest shall only be paid on a maximum of USD 50,000 (fifty thousand) thereof.

4. Final provisions
4.1. The Promotion Organiser may amend these Promotion Rules at any time, without notifying the Promotion Participants in advance.
4.2. The Promotion Organiser reserves the right to disqualify any Promotion Participants without explanation.
4.3. The Promotion Organiser may terminate the Promotion at any time without explanation.
4.4. All terms and definitions used in these Rules shall be deemed to have the meaning specified in the Promotion Organiser's Contract for international financial markets services.